• mikey_p
        any one out there using multi-buildpacks? how do you get path and environment variables from both buildpacks to work?
      • gliderbot1
        <savant> mikey_p: what exactly are you trying to do and what isnt working
      • mikey_p
        trying to use https://elements.heroku.com/buildpacks/gaumire/... with the PHP buildback so I can run some one off scripts, and the PHP buildback overwrite the $PATH and $LIBRARY_PATH from the first buildback
      • the first one is extracting correctly, but the bin and lib paths aren't preserved, if I dokku enter and add those everything works fine
      • gliderbot1
        <savant> how are you specifying the buildpacks
      • mikey_p
        with a .buildpacks file
      • gliderbot1
        <savant> in what order are you specifying them
      • mikey_p
      • i felt like someone told me to put whichever one you want the application to run as last
      • gliderbot1
        <savant> yep
      • mikey_p
        which in this case it's a web app but the code base also has some one off scripts
      • gliderbot1
        <savant> might be that in herokuish, we dont merge the release files for each.
      • <savant> hmmm
      • <savant> seems we only execute the last release
      • <savant> what is the output of the entire deploy?
      • mikey_p
      • savant: that's the output from a build with the .buildpacks file referenced above
      • do you want a build with trace on?
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      • savant
      • doesnt look like buldpack multi modifies anything in the release script
      • rather, each release is executed
      • last one wins
      • if you can try and replicate this bug on heroku
      • or determine that its not a bug
      • then that'd be cool
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      • mikey_p
        yeah, i figured the bug is probably in herokuish, right?
      • savant
        if it is a bug, yes
      • but im not gonna say its a bug until you prove that heroku doesnt have the same behavior for your use case
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      • mikey_p
        trying it locally too, wondering if I should just learn how to make my own buildpack
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      • gliderbot1
        <mbtamuli> savant You told not to add `ps:restore` to the docs. What about the `ps:report` that I'm adding.
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      • savant
        thats fine
      • gliderbot1
        <sosedoff> does anyone know if its possible to get a list of app’s files in the buildpack? main reason for this is that i want to get all files in the app dir and then move them to a new directory and also perform a few operations (install deps, etc). right now there are a bunch of system files included in the same /app dir, like '.release’, etc.
      • <savant> is this for dokku?
      • <savant> @sosedoff ?
      • <sosedoff> @savant its not really related to dokku as a matter of fact, more about custom buildpacks
      • <sosedoff> i’ve tried to get the initial list through a series of custom buildpacks ordered in a way like this: list-files-buildpacks->php->node->final-build. it kind of works, but feels like a giant hack. i can give you a solid example: deploying WP as a theme. so the git repo has just the wordpress theme, and then buildpack figures out how to “apply” the rest (wp core, plugins, etc). i dont do WP, but was curious how
      • <savant> You’re asking more about herokuish then
      • <savant> Herokuish does create a `.release` file - and potentially others - but we don’t “keep track” of the fresh repository because the goal is to take an input and give you an ouput
      • <savant> *output
      • <savant> not to track the state of the repository with a diff.
      • <savant> If a buildpack adds a file, then thats now part of the output. Buildpacks could *also* remove files, as is the case for the golang buildpack.
      • <savant> Mostly, buildpacks keep to the `.heroku` directory and leave everything else untouched
      • <savant> the exception would be dependency installation, which usually is included in the `/app` directory
      • <savant> does that make sense?
      • <sosedoff> yeah, i get how things work. i think its just some web frameworks (WP in this case) that are really odd to deal with
      • <savant> So like
      • <savant> You should assume that all the files in `/app` are part of the app.
      • <savant> that includes the `.heroku` directory
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      • <dvwallin> i had this working earlier before trying to add letsencrypt. Now i keep getting 502 bad gateway. so i even removed the vm, installed a new vm, pulled up a new dokku install, created the app and i still get 502 bad gateway.
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      • <savant> @dvwallin: what is the output of `docker ps -a`
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      • <dvwallin> @savant ```1e5ee7f8fafd dokku/dtapi:latest "/dtapi -configFile /" 2 hours ago Up 2 hours 3000/tcp dtapi.web.1```
      • <savant> what is the output of
      • <savant> dokku config APP | grep DOKKU
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      • <dvwallin> ```DOKKU_APP_RESTORE: 1 DOKKU_APP_TYPE: dockerfile DOKKU_DOCKERFILE_CMD: CMD ["/dtapi", "-configFile", "/prod.config.yaml"] DOKKU_DOCKERFILE_PORTS: 3000 DOKKU_PROXY_PORT_MAP: http:3000:3000```
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      • <dvwallin> @savant keep getting - in nginx log - "failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream"
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      • <dvwallin> Thanks for trying to help but I think we’ll choose something else than Dokku for production. But - as i said - thanks
      • <savant> alright
      • <savant> it sounds like your app isnt listening on all interfaces
      • <savant> so
      • <savant> if it is indeed listening to port 3000 - as exposed in your Dockerfile - then a curl to the ip should work
      • <savant> you can get the id from the output of `docker inspect CONTAINER_ID`
      • <savant> *ip, not id.
      • <savant> @dvwallin ^
      • <savant> (I really need to turn on notifications for this room)
      • <savant> that said, I wish you luck with choosing another deployment tool
      • <dvwallin> yeah its listening on localhost now
      • <dvwallin> hmm ill try that out
      • <savant> should be ``
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      • <savant> since localhost means only inside the container can talk to the service
      • <dvwallin> YAY
      • <dvwallin> how annoying that thats all it was
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      • <savant> :slightly_smiling_face:
      • <savant> if you setup a `CHECKS` file, we could have caught that faster
      • <savant> since the deploy would fail because it wouldnt be able to talk to your http endpoints
      • <savant> @dvwallin I believe @mbtamuli is doing some work on making it easier to surface that sort of debugging info
      • <savant> hopefully soon you can run `dokku report APP` and it will give you a status of your application across everything that dokku can configure
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      • gliderbot
        <sneakersgames> over the past 24h I god 25%, 20Gb growth
      • <sneakersgames> that's like 800Mb per hour
      • <sneakersgames> could this have anything to do with logs or crons?
      • <savant> yes
      • <sneakersgames> and where should/could I look?
      • <savant> whats the contents of the following directories
      • <savant> `/tmp`, `/var/log`, `/var/lib/docker`
      • <sneakersgames> the tmp files are only 4Kb in size
      • <savant> `du -ch /tmp`
      • <savant> `du -ch /var/log`
      • <savant> `du -ch /var/lib/docker`
      • <savant> each will output file sizes
      • <savant> as well as a total for stuff once its done scanning a directory
      • <sneakersgames> lots of files
      • <sneakersgames> also in /tmp
      • <savant> what is the output of
      • <savant> `df -h`
      • <savant> and also
      • <savant> `df -hi`
      • <savant> also I need the output for `du -ch /var/log`